Our Vision & Ethos

Nature, Nurture, Flourish and Fly

At Seething and Mundham our vision design is underpinned by our ethos or values. These values act as our moral compass, guiding us when we make decisions. The decisions we make will always be based upon the question: does this choice help me to promote one of our visionary words.


Nature is a vital aspect of life at Seething and Mundham. Not only do we have the benefit of having a beautiful natural environment, but we learn in nature. We use our outdoor environment to compliment our curriculum. Learning practically outdoors is not only fun and memorable but it gives us the chance to apply our learning in out of context ways – this deepens and extends our learning.


At Seething and Mundham the development of the whole child is vital. One day the children of our school could be our doctors, nurses, scientists, teachers and bankers.  It is therefore imperative that the children learn how to communicate, be empathetic, have a sense of understanding of people, places and culture. We, as educators, know the importance of engendering this nurturing attitude for a bright future for our children.


At Seething and Mundham, we encourage the development of learning behaviours and the understanding of our core values to ensure we are ready to meet the challenges of life which come our way and we are equipped with the skills to succeed.  In this way, our children will flourish as individuals and learners.


Ultimately, we want the children of Seething and Mundham Primary school to succeed, but not just at national expectations and to the outline of the national curriculum but beyond that. We want our children to strive for academic and personal excellence.

School Ethos

Values are our internal compass. They impact on every decision we make every single day. In school, children and staff are constantly making decisions. Whether it’s a simple yes or no choice or a complex decision, our values will determine our response. As with any organisation, we are all striving for the same thing, therefore having a set of values that we all subscribe to, will enable us to all be making decisions with the same foundation.

At Seething and Mundham, we would hope that you appreciate our values and understand that any choice we have made, these will be our guide.  We know the importance of keeping our values at the heart of everything we do -

*    Respect    *    Resilience    *    Honesty    *    Empathy    *    Tolerance   *

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