Special Education Needs

SENCo/ Headteacher: Vicky MacKenzie

At Seething and Mundham Primary School, we recognise that every child is special and unique. We are committed to working together with all members of our community to provide the best possible education for the pupils in our care. Our broad and balanced curriculum is never narrowed and every child is given opportunities and, where required support, in a nurturing, stimulating environment to allow them to achieve the highest possible standards.  We ensure we comply and go beyond our duties under the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014.

Section 6 Special Education Needs

Our staff are committed to meeting the needs of all our children and strive to break down any barriers that are preventing children from making the progress they are capable of.  As a school, we recognise the importance of not only supporting children’s academic progress but also developing their behavioural, emotional and social skills to enable them to be confident, independent learners and happy children.  For this reason, our termly assess, plan, do, review cycle is based around the 7Cs of learning.

  • The 7 Cs Learning Portfolio provides a language of assessment that we can all use.
  • The 7 Cs Learning Portfolio includes the Curriculum as one of the ‘Cs’ but also defines 6 extra ‘Cs’ that are essential for
    learning.  They are Cognition, Communication, Control, Creativity, Compassion and Co-ordination.
  • Within each ‘C’ there are 7 skills.  We can talk about each skill and together agree strengths and areas for development .  This will help us plan next steps.


Norfolk County Council also has a ‘local offer’. This encompasses support for children and families with additional needs, ranging from support for learning to preparing for adult life and financial life. For more information visit:

SEND Local Offer – Norfolk County Council

If parents have any neurodevelopmental-related concerns or queries, they can look at the following document for more information:


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